Johnny boy

I'll start with my story. I'm 34, born in Chicago, living in Michigan. Two years ago I started running after deciding that my lack of discipline could be corrected with a strong dose of sternly focused misery. That is to say I thought I could become a better person by doing something I hated regularly for a long long time until I got good at doing things I hated. I would say it was a pretty misguided effort but it did do something amazing for me...it taught me how to love something I thought I hated, running and racing. I've always been a pretty physical person, I was  a personal trainer for six years in my twenties after all, but could never bring myself to enjoy running until now. I have an undergraduate in kinesiology am now a graduate student and a distiller, and am trying to race regularly.

Last year (2010) I started researching running form and came across some of the generous and informative people in the barefoot running community, bought myself a pair of Vibram Five Fingers (those weird toe shoes as my kids call them) and started running in a brand new way. Since then I have transitioned completely to minimalist shoes or barefoot running. I finally know what my mom meant when she told me running felt like flying. Now I compare running in regular shoes to playing piano in boxing gloves.

I've run a couple of trail races, a Tough Mudder, and am signed up for the Chicago marathon in October.  My younger brother and and I did the mudder together and we had such a great time we're doing it again, looking for other races to run together, writing this blog, and video taping all of our shared adventures. I hope this gives us a way to share something really fun with others who are interested, and who maybe want to join us.