Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I’m like Scott Jurek only fat and lazy so maybe the opposite of Scott Jurek

I never run in December and January. This is only my second training season but I can say because I’ve been an exerciser for a long time that these two months are not the time for me to try and get myself moving. I write them off and get back to it some time in February or March. 

Scott Jurek is an amazing athlete who does ultras and all sorts of long distance endurance running adventures, and he always takes a couple of months off in winter. He says it’s a good time to put on some fat, recover from the training season and to reflect on why you train in the first place. The reason I say I might be his opposite is that I always imagine athletes like him leaping out of their beds in the morning with their astounding discipline and getting to work, unlike myself...
The thing that usually gets me exercising again is the point where I start to experience the negative effects of not exercising. I start to feel mentally and physically sluggish, my motivation level goes down, I get less creative and I start needing more sleep than normal. These things eventually build together and crescendo at a cathartic moment where I realize I need to change something and get my stuff together. 

It’s at that point that I usually bang my hand on my forehead and recognize that I do the same thing every year and that I need some exercise. It’s time to get moving. It’s time to pick some goals and make a commitment. I’m there right now. My little brother is about to buy season tickets to the Tough Mudder series. I love those races but will probably just pick one or two as I won’t have time for more than that. I’m shooting for a 30+ mile ultra by mid-summer and maybe longer after that, I haven’t decided yet. I’m about to choose and start putting my training program together. 
Jump into the comment section below or email JDistiller(at)gmail(dot) com, if you’re thinking about starting training but aren’t sure what to do, how long a race to sign up for, if you’re capable, how to train, how any of this works or whatever, I want to help. 

It took me a long time to figure out how to love running and that it was possible to love it, but having done so it has really made some great differences in my life. Most people who hate it are making some very simple mistakes that are easily fixed. Let's get them fixed!

Rarr, time to get fierce!

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