Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pre mudder post, posted post mudder

So, tomorrow morning is my second mudder this year, my fourth and probably last race of my first racing season.  I am just as excited about tomorrow as I was about my first race and about the marathon in October. I’m sitting here having my night before beer about to eat dinner, thinking about tomorrow. I’m hoping it will be cold and rainy. I figure, if I’m going to do something like this in November it should really be intense enough to be all I can take, push my limits as far as possible. 

I just met a couple of mudders who ran it earlier today, out in the hotel lobby. They said it was insanely cold and really unpleasant. I like insanely cold, am kind of unpleasant myself and find myself resenting that the weather right now is slightly balmy and mild. I want pain. I’m betting that even balmy weather is cold when you’re dragging yourself through ice baths and mud.

Here is a picture of my go kit, I know it's a little hard to see.

I got a full body merino smart wool outfit (discount) because this is supposed to be the best stuff for getting wet and staying warm. I’ve never tried it but it comes highly recommended. I’ve got the wool toe socks as they are supposed to keep you from getting blisters on your soggy feet by keeping your toes from rubbing together. I’ve got some caffeinated gu to keep the blood sugar roaring and some electrolyte pills although I don’t think I’m going to take any as it’s only 12 miles. I'm wearing New Balance Minimus shoes. I used them for my last mudder and they are the perfect combination of a bit of padding for the really gravelly running, but minimal enough that they don't affect my stride.

Then of course, I have my GoPro Hero submersible camera for recording the madness. I’ll be posting videos like this one…

afterward so you can see it all.

Since I’m now posting this after I ran the race I won’t ask you to wish me luck, but I'll be writing my review as I get my video edited.


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  1. I love the sdtk on this one. Sounds like he is singing Jai Rama!