Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No tips at all

I wanted to say, it just feels so damn good to be running again. I went out for a 45 quicky today and it just felt like flying. It made my day. I love those runs, the ones that clear my mind and center me for the ten million things I have to get done.

That's the best part about it, stripping down, taking off my shoes, walking out the door into a drizzling cool beautiful day and just moving my body and thinking.

I've been practicing nose breathing as I'm a panter. I try not to open my mouth all day except to speak, laugh, and eat. The rest of the time all nose, and that means running too. My 5k last Sun was pretty good for me. Part of that I chalk up to the fact that I've been running often enough to know how hard to push myself and when. The other thing I realized was that I just wasn't as winded at the faster speed.

I can write an article later about breathing and tips and technical stuff. I just want to reiterate. Running is fun as hell! I used to hate it so much and now it's just a great part of my day. If you're having a hard time running relax, slow down, don't worry about your form, worry about relaxing and enjoying what you are doing at that moment. Slow down until you are comfortable, worry about weight loss, calories, form, technique, later.

Find a way to relax and the rest will follow.

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