Monday, August 15, 2011

Magic horse pills and expensive grappa

I don't even have any pets...but I do have a really good friend who is a vet and I take his advice on injuries. He's also a fellow distiller who worked on racing horses all over the world and in his words: "an injury is an injury is an injury". Also in his words: "If your foot hurts let's go drink some grappa, you can run next week". Thanks Monte!

I want to run this week so what he gave me is ibuprofen, a lot of it. It is working and my plantar fasciitis is clearing up. Ibuprofen works by inhibiting enzymes in soft tissue that cause inflammation. Healing happens much more slowly when inflammation is present. When you get your first plantar fasciitis a doctor will tell you to get some kind of shot. Sometimes it's steroid shots to reduce inflammation, sometimes it's cortisone to stop pain and reduce swelling. I don't know much about steroid injections but I'll say that the last thing you want is to remove the pain and go exercise. With a soft tissue inflammation that just means re-injury and if you keep that up, scar tissue. Scar tissue is tough and will hold up under stress but one thing it is not is elastic. All of the elasticity of your soft tissue is gone and that brittle scar tissue will tear under stress.

My foot feels better and I'm hoping I can get out for a run on Sat. My schedule has me doing 18 miles. I'm thinking I won't get into that but at least half of it if things go well. In the meantime I had some pretty damn good grappa and bourbon this weekend, the last straight from a barrel via a mare unused one. If I can't run at least my job offers some perks to make up for it.

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