Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Household tools for getting back on your feet

So I'm going to pitch Scott Hadley again at the Hadley Clinic. He taught me how to fix my pain with a rolling pin and a baseball. This when I was starting to think I was out of luck for the moment.

Scott's rolling pin/baseball technique:

1. Roll your quads with the pin, all around the top and outside of your thigh.
2. Get your calves on top of the pin and roll them putting as much weight as you can bear.
3. Put your hand on the side of your hip and find the boney process there that is the top of your femur. Sit on the baseball and roll all around that process, getting most of your butt and the area in front of that boney process.
4. Stand up and roll the bottoms of your feet.

Do this 3 times per day and especially before and after runs. All of them hurt, at least at first. Then they help. Having done this 3 times a day for less than a week now, my foot pain is gone, I'm running again with no trouble, off the anti-inflammatory. A most excellent development!

I'm always happy to find a fix it yourself solution. The above appears to be helping my little brother with his IT band pain as well.

I'm off for a run!
Thanks Scott!

Three exclamation points in one post. Make it 4!


  1. been doing it at least twice a day here and my foot problems are almost gone! rolling hurt like hell the first couple days but now there are just a couple minor sore spots left and all the rest is fine!

    glad it worked for you too!

  2. Glad it worked Troy. That workshop was such a huge blessing! It hurt so much the first few days, I'm amazed it stopped, and now I'm in fighting shape!