Saturday, August 6, 2011

Great advice for...damn my foot hurts too much

What to do about injury? My right foot has been aching for a week or two and I've been taking it easy on the shorter runs but forcing my way through longer know run through the pain style. Today that didn't work out so well. I went for a 12 mile and had to lay off at mile 7 and walk home.

It's a delicate line to walk between run through it and let it heal. I think I just fell off the wrong end. What to do?

  • The best temperature therapy ever: Ice water 20min, warm water 20min and repeat 4-5 times.
  • STRETCH: I'm am continually surprised at how helpful this is and how many of my "injuries" turn out to be aggravations of tissues caused by muscles  somewhere nearby that I've been abusing and not stretching adequately.
  • Amateur orthopedic assessment tool: Flex the injured area in all directions against resistance from your hand. If you encounter sharp pain from this it could be soft tissue damage. Tap on all of the bones in the area. If there's a fracture of some kind you'll feel it. 
    • Example: If it's your foot: flex up, point toe, twist around the ankle in each direction, same for toe joints, all against hand resistance. Grab your foot on either side and pull one side up the other down moving the metatarsals in a twisting motion. Tap on all of the bones you can contact.
Mine feels like soft tissue damage in some tissue on the bottom of my foot maybe from extremely tight calf muscles.

Oh and if you have a nagging injury or pain that you can't seem to figure out, post here describing it. I've got a great orthopedic assessment book from my days as a trainer. I'll see if I can find some tests in there to help you figure it out.

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