Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Barefoot marathon training

Saturday I ran 14 miles barefoot. the beginning of this run was really a pleasure but by the end I was wishing I had something to put on my feet. I am often subject to my own pushy desire to do more now, sometimes more than I'm ready for. This is a hallmark of the pushy now now desire to achieve that has served me well in some circumstances and not in others. Today my left foot's a little achy but nothing a little ice water won't take care of.

I've read quite a bit about TMTF (too much too fast) in transitioning but fell victim to it regardless of good advice. One of my worst experiences with this landed me in the middle of a forest sitting in a creek with my shorts off, but that's a story I'll tell after you've put a couple of beers in me. Suffice it to say that whether you've decided to get in shape and are just starting running, or are in good shape and are transitioning to a new style of fitness...take your time.
Anyone can do this stuff, bodies are built for it. It's just a matter of figuring out where to start and what your final goal is.

If you're having a good time getting there, does it really matter how long it takes?

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